Magic Notes

Magic Notes 4

Stay on top of all your information

Magic Notes with its unique auto save and its "Always There" technology offers you a unique way to control and maintain small pieces of information like To Do lists, appointments or to just scribble down a quick note. All in all, Magic Notes offer you a simple, handy note taking facility for just when you need it.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of the very easy to use interface of Magic Notes. Creating a note is simply a matter of clicking on a task bar icon and from there; all available commands are at your fingertip. Most common commands have keyboard shortcuts and there's even the option to define keyboard shortcuts that will work, regardless of which application you're using.

One of the most useful features of Magic Notes is the ability to create repeating alarms just like in a full blown PIM. The repeating alarms feature is an excellent way to keep track of repeating meetings or other daily task that happen again and again. Alarms can also be "snoozed" just like a normal alarm clock for when you're not ready to do something straight away.

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